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Human Resources
Stellar Industries, Inc.
190 State Street – PO Box 169
Garner, IA 50438

E-mail hr@stellarindustries.com if you have any questions


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Truck Installation Lead Person - Kanawha Location
Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017 2:26 pm

Job Title:           Truck Installation Lead Person

Location:          Kanawha Location

Department:    Installation

Reports To:       Kanawha Manufacturing Manager 

Job purpose: Direct day-to-day activities with in an assigned area to assure that the productivity, quality and safety level of assigned area meet all company goals for that area.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  1. Be capable of performing all aspects of the Lead Person’s roll, working with other employees as part of a team, and be prompt and on time daily for work.
  2. Be a good communicator.
  3. Ability to plan and organize department work schedule.  Assign responsibilities.
  4. Willingness to give clear direction to area employees and follow up on that direction, and act as a positive role model for workers within work area.
  5. Be capable of reading blue prints and understanding them and other technical documents required by the job of Lead Person, and be able to discuss this information with others to resolve problems as they occur.
  6. May be required to complete an internal welder-training program and perform weld operations as part of job responsibilities if required by job duties.
  7. Have the ability and desire to become efficient with mechanical equipment, and learn all aspects of job as required.
  8. Continually promotes a productive and non-disruptive work ethic within the Company.
  9. Works to create no or limited scrap and rework within area and works to continually improve quality level within that area.
  10. Follows all company safety rules as laid out in the company safety manual and all other company policies.  Continuously promotes and fosters a culture of working safely.
  11. Maintain company equipment and work areas in a clean and orderly manner.
  12. Willingness to attend workshops and other training as directed by the company to work toward constantly improving leadership skills.
  13. Have basic knowledge of automotive electrical and hydraulic systems.
  14. Continually strive to improve the production flow and efficiencies throughout department.
  15. Have computer skills and knowledge to retrieve drawings, BOM’s, and willingness to learn ERP/MRP software including performing transactions within.
  16. Be willing and able to work before/after scheduled department hours.

Person-profile template:

  • Works well as team leader
  • Able to follow direction of supervisor
  • Specific Job Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Read blueprints and other documents
  • Have mechanical skills.

An example is shown here for the role above:

Person profile –Lead Person

Personality: Self-motivated, with a positive outlook, and a clear focus on high quality and safety.  Is able to get along with others and be a team leader.

Physical Requirements: Be able to work in crouched position at times, crawl under trucks, climb ladders, and stand on concrete floors for long periods as needed to do various job tasks.  Be able to lift a maximum of 50 lbs. at times as required by job. 

Specific Job Skills: Having some basic hydraulic, electrical, welding, and mechanical aptitude helpful.

Computer skills:  Strong computer skills and the ability to learn manufacturing software is necessary.

Literacy and Numeric: Able to read blueprints, various types of measuring devices.



Additional Physical requirements



Position will require standing on a concrete floor all day with the exception of two 12-minute breaks and a ½ hour lunch.



The heaviest amount of lift will be 50# all assembly bays have crane hoists that are required to be used for any pieces exceeding that weight.

·         Most objects being lift will be lifted approximately from floor to waste. (36”)






Some assembly areas require climbing stairs while carrying small parts.  Climbing a 5’ to 6’ ladder is also required.



 Position requires being able to push/pull 2 and 4 wheel carts weighing approx. 200#.



Putting on hoses and other assembly functions will require crouching, squatting, and kneeling.



 Good balance is required to do many of the assembly functions.



 Job duties may require a minimum amount of crawling.



Position requires reaching approximately 3’ while handling equipment and parts that may weigh approximately 10#.



Grasping and pinching is required to operate all equipment necessary to perform job functions.  Good hand dexterity is required to move hands into different positions.



Good vision is required for reading blue prints and welding.



Taste or smelling to help detect if something is burning or possibly leaking.



Being able to hear instructions is an important part of the job.



NOTE: The Company has a program for supplying required safety equipment.